Bullshit Everywhere

The lies, pretence, fakeness is everywhere.

What’s happening to our society or has it always been like this? Everywhere you look you are confronted by smoke and mirrors, lies, distortions and bullshit. Let me give you a few examples. With the huge information overload that we are faced with today we spend countless hours trying to find relevant and true information. We spend more time dissecting information than actually reading anything.

Online it’s the worst. I wish someone would come up with credible research about the accuracy of information on the web. I will bet my best Cuban cigar that less than 5% of everything on the Internet is not utter and absolute bullshit. Even the largest news services are riddled with inaccuracies and even outright lies. Retailers are lying online all the time to flog their products and services to the unsuspecting (read stupid) public. Every product has some ridiculous claim that it can do something but once delivered you discover that it was an exaggeration or a outright lie. “This wifi router has a 50m range.” Bullshit. It’s range is 1 fucking meter. “This insurance product is the cheapest.” Rubbish. Read the fucking small print. After all the excess you pay, it’s twice as expensive as any other product!

Governments are using the Internet to lie to us all the time. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is full of government propaganda. It’s so bad that you actually cannot believe anything you read or see anymore unless you spend a few hours researching at Snopes and other verification services.

On TV everyone is lying, all the time. “Watch this great movie! It’s the number one box office show!“. Don’t bother, it’s crap. “Read this great book! It’s a classic!“. Don’t bother, it’s the worst book ever written and the author should be publicly executed. You just have to walk through Dischem (local pharmacy) to be confronted by the world’s greatest collection of bullshit. Every shelf is filled with bullshit claims. This will make you better, that will help you lose weight, that will help you build muscle blah bullshit blah.

But it get worse, because the bullshit doesn’t stop at companies or people trying to sell you stuff. People themselves are full of bullshit. There is not a day when meeting with someone that my bullshit detector does not go absolutely fucking ballistic. The bullshit from people is sometimes off the chart. Friends, family, I don’t care, they are all full of bullshit. Why?

Why do people feel the need to lie and exaggerate and con? Why not just be yourself and be truthful, all the time? You’re not impressing anyone, because in fact everyone knows you’re talking bullshit. As a society we’re so used to it because the bullshit flowing through the air has contaminated everyone. We are literally all covered in shit.

Take off the mask and be yourself. Don’t support companies that lie and cheat to sell their products. Name and shame them. Tell your friends. But don’t lie to them ok?

Marthinus Strydom

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