Google search “intelligence” is a joke

  Why is it that if I search for a plumber in Pretoria that Google shows me plumbers in New Jersey? And that is just one example of a search engine that has zero intelligence. Almost every single search produces incomprehensible organic results and in the most cases totally irrelevant. 

If this is the future of AI then we have a very, very long way to go. In fact, the biggest mistake we can make is to allow google to put their self driving cars on our roads. Can you imagine the clusterfuck on the N1?

Google has lost the plot. Their innovation is driven by revenue and their initial drive to create a search engine that works has been largely abandoned. Now, all they do it clump together a whole bunch of rubbish and present it as search results. Why? Because it makes no difference to the paid advertising . Sorry, it actually does. It makes the paid advertising more valuable. Organic search results has become obsolete and pointless. The only thing that counts now is Adwords.  

 Google it seems, is actively pursuing a strategy of discouraging organic search. Big mistake Google because your core search users are going to abandon you. Fast.

Marthinus Strydom

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