Online Bank Fraud Crisis – Check your security status.

shutterstock_177915284-750x420Online banking fraud is on the increase. Fraudsters send emails to you and entice you on social media to click on links so that they can capture your online banking login details. Typically you will be told that you have to click on a link in order to update your settings or whatever.
To stop falling victim to this scam, don’t ever click on a link that purports to take you to your online banking. Just don’t click on any links. Rather open your browser and type in the URL to your online banking. All the major banks recently launched a Fraud Security Status Check that evaluates your potential of falling victim to online banking fraud.
To check your Fraud Security Status at your online banking you can follow these links.

Best Free Online Personal Budget Manager


Looking for a simple and free online budget manager? Want to know within a few minutes where you are spending your money across multiple accounts? Want to regain control over your finances?

I have been looking everywhere for a simple and easy-to-use online personal budget manager. I looked at almost everyone out there and they have some serious shortcomings.

Most of them are for US users only. Many others charge a monthly or annual fee.

The biggest shortcomings are however the following:

  • Not free
  • US only
  • Complicated
  • Need a good understanding of financial management to use effectively
  • Can’t upload exported data from your bank is the easiest and simplest way to manage your money. In a few simple steps you can be up and running and know exactly where you are spending your money. does not try and be something it’s not. It wasn’t designed by accountants because we want it to work for you, not for accountants.

It’s as simple as this:

  • Register for free in 20 seconds
  • Login
  • Upload a CSV file you get from your online banking, or create your own.
  • Categorize your transactions
  • Allocate a budget to each category
  • View your budget
  • Compare your spend across months and years
  • Identify savings opportunities
  • Manage multiple accounts with one budget. So you can have one budget for both you and your partner!

It’s as simple as that.

Give it a try. Its free.