Takealot.com Data Leak


Cloudflare, which provides services to millions of websites, has revealed that a bug has caused website passwords, cookies, and authentication tokens to be temporarily available in plain text. The list of 4.2 million domains possibly affected includes some of the internet’s most popular websites.

The Internet infrastructure company Cloudflare, which provides a variety of performance and security services to millions of websites, revealed late Thursday that a bug had caused it to randomly leak potentially sensitive customer data across the internet.

The flaw was first uncovered by Google vulnerability researcher Tavis Ormandy on February 17, but could have been leaking data since as long ago as September 22. In certain conditions, Cloudflare’s platform inserted random data from any of its six million customers—including big names like Fitbit, Uber, and OKCupid—onto the website of a smaller subset of customers. In practice, it meant that a snippet of information about an Uber ride you took, or even your Uber password, could have ended up hidden away in the code of another site.

South African e-commerce website, takealot.com compromised.

One of these websites is Takealot.com, the popular online shopping site in South Africa. I have not searched the entire list of 4.2 million sites but I am quite sure that there are a few thousand South African websites affected by this data leak.

What is disturbing is that Takealot.com undoubtedly know about this leak but have not notified any of their customers about the leak and that their personal information could be compromised.

You can search the list here: http://cloudflarelistcheck.abal.moe/

Or you can download the list of 4.2 million sites here: https://github.com/PIRATE/SITES-USING-CLOUDFLARE

It is possible that your passwords and personal information from affected websites may be at risk. I strongly recommend that you immediately change the passwords for accounts that are most critical to you to be strong, unique and not used for any other account. When reused passwords are stolen, it will impact your other accounts. This was true before Cloudbleed and is even truer today.

Notable sites compromised

For the love of God, don’t install Windows 10

And the popups just kept coming. Every few hours the annoying “Upgrade to Windows 10 Now!” popup appeared on my taskbar. I did a bit of research and eventually decided to upgrade. It’s free after all. I really didn’t take into consideration the power of Microsoft over the blogging and publishing community. I think every single positive post about Windows 10 on the Internet is a paid for blogger.

So what’s the problem?

There are just too many too mention here, but these are the main problems that you will probably run into.

  1. Unscheduled updates. Windows 10 doesn’t give a shit about your Internet. It will update whenever it feels like it and you could end up in re-boot loop that takes hours. You can be in the middle of some important work and your computer will just randomly shut down to update. And you don’t have any choice in the matter.
  2. External keyboards and mouse. I have a Microsoft external keyboard and mouse that connects with a USB Bluetooth device. Can you believe that the device is completely incompatible with Windows 10 and there is no fix. I will have to throw away my keyboard if I wanted to continue using Windows 10. It gives a blue screen of death every time I touch the keyboard. Once again, I tried everything. Browsed hundreds of forums but no success. It’s not fixable.
  3. Chrome is mostly incompatible. It’s quite obvious why. Microsoft is trying very hard to regain some market share in the browser market and their new browser called “Edge” is obviously  the one they want you to use. Silly games by making as if there is a technical “issue” is stupid when everyone knows they are doing it on purpose. Some people managed to get Chrome working but only after messing around in their registry and trying all kinds of hacks.

These are just 3 issues and a few minutes searching on Google will confirm that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of issues and I don’t think Microsoft will be able to get things stable very quickly.

I like the OS. It’s clean and looks cool. I would love to be able to use Cortana on my laptop and there are some really cool features. Just a pity that the browser is incomplete. It just doesn’t work, and until they get this thing stable, don’t bother installing it. You are going have a world of pain, roll back to Windows 7 or 8 and lose a bunch of your apps. It took me quite a few hours getting things working again after I rolled back.

What a waste of time.

Why is Siri so dumb?

imageThere is nothing that that quite demonstrates the stupidity of people as clearly as Siri. By now everyone knows who Siri is. If you don’t then you have probably been living under a rock in the Iraqui desert. Just in case you just crawled out from under your rock, Siri is Apple’s attempt at creating a virtual assistant. You can ask her questions and she’ll attempt to answer them or you can tell her to do stuff like make a call.

The fact is she in unfortunately wholly incompetent and very, very fucking stupid. I mean, if this is our attempt at creating artificial intelligence we are completely fucked.

She fails even at the simplest task and it’s defiantly not because she doesn’t understand me. She’s just fucking stupid. I think you can probably write the commands she understands and the things she can do on three pages max. Supposedly, behind Siri is a huge supercomputer that can do all kinds of wonderful things and process billions of instructions per second. Sorry dudes, but I don’t experience that. As I said, she’s fucking dumb.

I asked her a few minutes ago why she stops recording a note in the middle of my sentence. She politely replied that she doesn’t know what I mean. Even though my sentence was quite clear and she interpreted everything I said correctly. She can’t answer a simple question which should be easy to program. Here’s the question and then voila, here’s the answer.

So why is Siri so stupid? Because the people that created her are stupid. You see, they can’t create anything smarter than they are. You don’t know what you don’t know and stupid people don’t know they’re stupid. They think they’ve created something awesome when in fact they have just completely destroyed evolution. We are going back in time.

Can someone please develop a decent virtual assistant that works. You have to save mankind!