Tripadvisor epitomises new age arrogance

New age arrogance is a really horrid thing. It’s a cancer that started about 10 years ago and it has been growing rapidly.

New age arrogance is when a company such as Tripadvisor resorts to complex forums and other techniques to avoid speaking to their customers. Customers that have problems with their property or business listing on Tripadvisor has no way of resolving their issues or problems and Tripadvisor has become so big that they don’t give a shit. They can lose thousands of customers and it won’t make the slightest difference.

Instead of providing proper customer service, they create support forums that are , you guessed it, managed by their clients! And the incredible thing is that the average customer is such an idiot that he does it gladly, spending hours answering support questions for the “community” for no reward.

Tripadvisor has not one email address listed. No way to contact anyone at the Tripadvisor Empire. It’s actually really pathetic. What makes it worse is that their systems are really poor. They are great at raking in the money by enticing customers to join due to their size, but when it comes to after sales support, they must be in the Top 10 worst customer service organisations on the planet. Google of course takes the number one spot for being ├╝ber assholes.

Now, other companies are also following suit, the suits and pony tails doing the Macarena in the hallways because they managed to find a way to avoid employing decent support staff – milking their stupid customers for more, whilst actually doing less.

This model will backfire. The Tripadvisor’s and Google’s will perish one day to be replaced by companies that are truly customer centric and service orientated.

I don’t need their crap service and you don’t either. The less people support these parasitic organisations the sooner we will create the space for quality companies to thrive. Companies that appreciate their customers.

Google search “intelligence” is a joke

  Why is it that if I search for a plumber in Pretoria that Google shows me plumbers in New Jersey? And that is just one example of a search engine that has zero intelligence. Almost every single search produces incomprehensible organic results and in the most cases totally irrelevant. 

If this is the future of AI then we have a very, very long way to go. In fact, the biggest mistake we can make is to allow google to put their self driving cars on our roads. Can you imagine the clusterfuck on the N1?

Google has lost the plot. Their innovation is driven by revenue and their initial drive to create a search engine that works has been largely abandoned. Now, all they do it clump together a whole bunch of rubbish and present it as search results. Why? Because it makes no difference to the paid advertising . Sorry, it actually does. It makes the paid advertising more valuable. Organic search results has become obsolete and pointless. The only thing that counts now is Adwords.  

 Google it seems, is actively pursuing a strategy of discouraging organic search. Big mistake Google because your core search users are going to abandon you. Fast.