Trophy Hunters are Serial Killers

Trophy Hunters are Serial Killers

How can any normal person "enjoy" this?
How can any normal person “enjoy” this?

I eat meat, just like most people. In fact, being an Afrikaner, I probably eat more meat than most. I have absolutely no problem in eating meat. We were made to eat meat and it’s the natural order of things. We were also made to hunt the animals that we eat. Our entire evolution is dictated by our craving for food and our need to outsmart our food.

But something strange happened to some of us during our evolution. Some of us started enjoying killing. The purpose of the kill changed from hunting to sport, from necessity to fun. Thinking about it, I wondered what the similarities were between serial killers and trophy hunters. Could it be that trophy hunters are psychopathic serial killers?

Similarities between Trophy Hunters & Serial Killers:

  • Compelled to keep a trophy or souvenir from their victims
  • The killing is addictive and leads to more killings
  • They seek fame, attention, and notoriety
  • The kills are premeditated
  • The killing gives a surge of adrenalin (“thrill kill”)
  • Stalking the victim gives a feeling of excitement
  • Killing becomes a compulsion or addiction
  • The killing is seen as a “sport” or “game”
  • There’s a down time (“cooling off” period) between killings
  • Gives the killer a feeling of power, dominance, and control over their victim
  • Many document their kills via photos and/or videos to gratify themselves later – as seen on Facebook by some of these monsters.

Quite compelling, don’t you think? Personally I find trophy hunting disturbing, revolting and completely socially unacceptable, very much like serial killing…

Auction! Kill a child legally in the DRC for only $350 000


$350 000 will allow you to legally hunt and kill a child in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can save the lives of thousands of starving children in the DRC by taking part in the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to legally hunt another human being. All proceeds will go towards the conservation of starving children in the DRC. Hunting and killing is necessary to control populations in Africa and the money will be used to procure food and medicine for the children, averting an enormous humanitarian crisis in the DRC.

Don’t like the sound of this? Are you appalled? Are you disgusted?

This is the exact same argument used by hunters across the world to justify their killing of wildlife. Just recently a Texas millionaire paid $350 000 at a Texas auction to hunt and kill a rhino in Namibia.

Fewer than 5,000 black rhinos exist in the world today, according to conservationists. Their numbers plummeted dramatically from 65,000 beginning in the 1970s because of illegal poaching. The rhinos’ horns are popular in traditional Chinese medicine and are extremely valuable on the black market.

Knowlton responded to controversy in an interview with CNN. “I think people have a problem just with the fact that I like to hunt,” Knowlton told CNN. “I want to see the black rhino as abundant as it can be. I believe in the survival of the species.” Yeah right…

If these hunters, who call themselves ‘conservationists’ actually care about the animals and conservation why don’t they donate the money to conservation organisations without actually killing the animal?

The reason is obvious. They don’t care about the well-being of these animals at all. For them, it’s the thrill and pleasure they derive from the act of killing. Very much in the same way a serial killer derives pleasure from killing human beings.

The argument that by killing one animal for fun saves the lives of countless others is as stupid and disturbing as my satirical depiction of the child hunt in the picture. For how long will human beings continue to justify their morally corrupt cravings for blood? For how long will rational people and good governments accept and tolerate these justifications?

Stand up against those that use conservation as an excuse to kill for pleasure.

Hunting is not conservation.It’s just animal serial killing.


In response to my article this is what Leopard Moon Safaris (based in Klerksdorp) responded with:

leopard moon safaris

Nice 🙂 Proves my point, don’t you think?