Banks need to WAKE up and held accountable

PE Police are looking for the man in this photo who might help them in their investigation into the disappearance of PE teacher Jade Panayioutou. The police confirmed on Wednesday that her body had been found.

This is a terrible story but just one of many happening every week in our country. Have a look at the picture of the suspect at the ATM. Can you identify the man? No? Can the police identify the man? No. Why is it that ATM’s have such pathetic cameras? My CCTV security camera at home takes HD video and pictures. Why can the ATM’s not do the same?

Why are the banks not forced to implement proper security at the ATM’s? Countless lives could probably be saved if the banks spent a little more of their enormous profits to secure ATM’s and install high definition cameras. It’s absolutely unacceptable that they continue to ignore their responsibilities.

Come on banks. Do something positive for a change and invest in upgrading your outdated and antiquated technology. Take responsibility. Do something.