Old Spice goes beyond hot-man-in-towel approach to boost sales

As of July 18, Old Spice can take credit for having the most-viewed sponsored channel on YouTube.

The P&G brand made waves last week with its interactive videos featuring Isaiah Mustafa, the “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” guy from the brand’s commercial that launched earlier this year.

Beginning July 13, Mustafa responded to questions, funneled through Twitter, from celebrities and ordinary folks alike. The brand’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy developed and coordinated 186 customized video responses that contributed to a 107% increase in Old Spice Body Wash sales over the last month, according to Nielsen data from Mike Norton, director of external relations for male grooming at P&G.

The brand’s Twitter following also exploded 2700% to over 83,000 followers since launch.

Norton explained that it was an integrated approach enlisting AOR Paine PR. The agency sent out updates on Mustafa’s responses and conducted media relations prior to launch.

“Everyone was sitting at the table during execution,” said Norton.

He added that Paine will continue to do media relations around the effort and eventually develop online programs to leverage its increased social media following.

What should be the brand’s next move? Can anything top this?

Just a pity that Old Spice reminds us that our dads used it as did our grandfathers. Doesn’t help that it has OLD in it’s name!




Old Spice Spicing Up

Spectacular awesomenessness is all I can say. This ad was just voted the best commercial of the past year at Cannes. “So, ladies,” he says. “Should your man smell like an Old Spice man? Brilliant with a spectacular PR campaign that kept YouTube buzzing for months.



And the PR continues with a great Viral campaign that’s a truly fantastic addition to the campaign, he’s doing a slew of personalized videos in which he thanks individual people—bloggers, YouTube commenters, Twitterers, celebrities—who’ve complimented his ads online. These are just a few. There must be more than 100 on Old Spice’s YouTube channel by now.