Mobile networks killing the economy

Mobile networks killing the economy

The Untouchables

Vodacon. The mobile comminucations con of the century.The spectacular explosion of the cellphone industry in South Africa has created a myriad of opportunities for business. It has opened up many new markets and given almost every citizen in this country an opportunity to participate in the digital era. Instead of embracing this new opportunity, mobile service providers in South Africa are destroying it because of their incredible thirst for power and money. It is clear that their drive for profits far exceeds their desire to provide proper service to their customers and this is evidenced by the lack of infrastructure investment.

It is laughable that on most major highways in South Africa there is not 100% coverage. They have been aware of the thousands of complaints for a number of years but still they refuse to upgrade and invest in the infrastructure to solve the problems. In the meantime their executives are earning ridiculous salaries and bonuses for the fantastic profits they generate, but they are unfortunately not measured on customer satisfaction. Why should they care about customer satisfaction? They have a monopoly and definitely not a long term view. They don’t need to listen to anyone and the complaints lodged fall on deaf ears. A few weeks ago there was a discussion on Talk Radio 702 and their switchboard almost crashed from all the calls about the pathetic service provided by these companies.


Rob Shuter (Vodacom CFO) R14,205,882
Pieter Uys (Vodacom CEO) R10,700,571
Shameel Joosub (Vodacom SA MD) R9,452,685

Our government is helpless and clueless and doing absolutely nothing to resolve the issue. They have the power to force the mobile companies to improve their service levels but they don’t. One has to wonder why they do nothing.


Even LG knows what's going on!

Marthinus Strydom

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