Paula Slier and Russia Today (RT)


Paula Slier

 I used to have a lot of respect for Paula Slier. She had journalistic integrity and I have been following her  career with interest. Then she joined RT as the Middle East Bureau Chief and I was shocked. Why would a seemingly intelligent and serious journalist choose to join RT? Why would any competent journalist choose to join the Russian propaganda news channel? Everyone knows it has no credibility and it’s only objective is to vilify the West. Why would Paula Slier ruin her journalistic career like this? They must be paying her a lot of money.

Marthinus Strydom


  1. Paula Slier, is a good disciplined journalist. Working for RT proved that Paula’s formidable and doing her professionally. If it’s true that other media are propaganda like it’s referred to RT, Why is there no Challenge to debate this matter, by all media of all countries involved with RT and open our eyes. I think mainstream media, and governments involved in the allegations are cowards. Cowards likes Ganging up against one like Gangsters. They don’t believe in DEBATES because they’ll loose, shamed in public. Instead to rally and spread lies about RT. What is meant By Competition and Alternative. They want us to watch and listen to one boring approach and Spoon Feeding news. I thought we live in a Democracy, but the very people who claim to have created Democracy are now reneging from it,by wanting to Channel us like babies, not even kids because They’llask questions.
    There’s also a leadership Jelousy, by so called those said to have brought Democracy. They pretend to like to see it Spread but at their own control. Anyone adopting and practicing the so called democracy without their blessing in not a democratic. WAR MONGERS ARE NOT DEMOCRATS.
    Paula has been neutral when doing her regardless of who she is. That’s good enough. Those who criticise her are naive, have no back bones. Keep it up Paula, together with your colleagues, be it RT or NEW SHOULD. As for RT Remember that always those who stand for the best or truth will always face such challenges.
    They’ll not destroy you but popularise You at RT.

  2. Of course she did it for money…
    At reportages from Ukraine she looks like movie actress, not a journalist… Fake…

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