Why, why, why?

We all have THAT day. You know, when the world pisses you off so badly you actually search through Junkmail for a weapon of mass destruction. Here is my Why rant for the day.

Why, when you search on Google and select your region as South Africa does is show you search results from Pakistan and the rest of the word? Now that we’re all used to Google, its shortcomings are painfully obvious. Please Google, focus on delivering efficient, intelligent search before putting driverless cars on the roads. If you can’t even give me relevant search results, imagine the fuckup on the N1 you’re going to cause.

Why does iTunes think that Louis Armstrong is a different artist than Louis Armstrong? How fucking difficult can it be to sort your music library without needing to download 10 different apps?

Why does my iPhone not allow me to email more than 5 photos? Seriously Apple, we don’t have fucking dialup modems anymore.

Why can News24 not develop a proper, working mobile website? I mean they belong to Naspers, one of the largest technology investment companies in the world for fucks sakes. It’s real simple you nincompoops. Open your iPad and go to news24.com and see the clusterfuck for yourself.

Why must DSTV have a thousand series on catchup and only 10 movies? We don’t all want to see fucking low budget vampire shows.

Talking about DSTV. They launched their new self service website recently. Holy shit it’s bad. Who’s making these shitty websites anyway. The scary thing is DSTV actually paid for this digital septic tank.

Why all the ads on Jacaranda? Have you listened to Jacaranda lately? They should change the name to Ad Radio with a few songs in between. And the jokes! Please people. You’re not funny ok. Just play the fucking music and shut the fuck up. Please.

Woollies are really going to the dogs. The shelves are so empty that I feel like I’m somewhere in Zimbabwe. Eish! Is the response you get when asking the manager if the Ethiopians raided the store. What’s up Woolies? There’s more stock at the BP convenience shop. And they have better pies.

Marthinus Strydom


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