The dehumanising of Afrikaners – First step to genocide


These past few weeks have been eventful. Most notably we had Afriforum visit the US to spread the word about farm murders and the plight of Afrikaners in South Africa. That caused a veritable shitstorm in the media, once again illustrating the very real and wide racial divisions in this country. Research was done by every clickbait media company and all kinds of conclusions were arrived at, with most of it disputed, by everyone.

Bheki Cele, the minister of Police gave real numbers about farm murders for the first time in years. This ignited another tsunami of accusations and denials.

President Cyril Ramaphosa made the ruling party’s plans on land expropriation without compensation clear. We even had a “land summit” where various views on, what is now called “EWC”, were discussed.

Ashwin Willemse, the ex-Springbok rugby player and presenter on Supersport, had a hissy fit on national TV and basically accused co-presenters Naas Botha and Nick Mallet of being racists. This event almost broke Twitter as white and black people squared off for another round of RMS, colloquially known as Racial Mud Slinging, South Africa’s national sport.

All these events showed one thing and that is that the racial divide is growing. The race hatred has reached fever pitch. All this is playing perfectly into the hands of the ANC’s illegitimate child, the EFF, who have been stoking this fire for some time.

And with this introduction to the social quagmire in South African, I get to my point.

It is not relevant how many white farmers are killed or not. What is relevant is that we have one of the highest crime rates in the world. 34 out of a 100,000 people are murdered every year. 74 farm murders occurred between 2016 and 2017. The number of farmers and their families is impossible to calculate making it impossible to come up with empirical evidence of the ratio of farm murders compared to the rest of the country. The leftists use this as an easy excuse to dismiss the plight of farmers out of hand.

What cannot be disputed is the absolute brutality with which white farmers are murdered. The torture and violence associated with farm murders is like something out of a horror movie. Other murders in South Africa are not nearly as violent. Whether you can prove that farmers are murdered more frequently or not, you cannot deny the extreme violence associated with these murders. 

I am an Afrikaner, and a proud one. My ancestors arrived here in 1652 and conquered the southern tip of Africa. The British came and took it from the Dutch. The Afrikaners refused to live under British rule and trekked inland to find their own homeland. They settled but the British wanted their land too and the Anglo Boer Wars started. 

This was a time of conquest and colonisation, all over the world. The Afrikaners were persecuted by the British for many years. Afrikaners were viewed as low class and inferior. When South Africa gained independence, the mindset of the Afrikaner was self-determination. There was an almost fanatical need to protect Afrikaner identity and culture. And considering the backstory, it is completely understandable. 

Out of this Afrikaner nationalism, Apartheid was born. A system that enforced segregation and separate development. You can argue that colonization was evil or that apartheid was evil, and that Afrikaner nationalism was evil. But that is completely moot because it happened and there were reasons why it happened. 

We must be careful not to use our moral eyeglasses when looking at history.

Most Afrikaners were very happy with the new vision of South Africa when our first democratically elected government took control under the leadership of Nelson Mandela. Who can forget the scenes of unity and celebration, Black and white celebrating in the streets?

And then something happened that most Afrikaners never thought would happen. The slow but steady demise of the country. A slow decent into chaos. New laws were enacted that specifically targeted white South Africans. Discriminatory laws that benefited black people and disadvantaged white people. This was done under the guise of restitution and redistribution. The strategy was to give black people more opportunity and uplift them. 

Affirmative action was implemented. Laws that incentivize companies to employ black people and punish those that don’t. Quotas, tender regulations and a myriad of laws that give black people an advantage over white people. More than 700 laws were created to try and level the playing fields.

Afrikaners complained but carried on nonetheless. We created companies, employ millions of people and contribute significantly to the fiscus. 

We watched in horror as the country was pillaged by the crooked and the incompetent. South Africa turned into a free for all where being black was a ticket to enormous wealth if you had even the slightest natural ability. The country started its decent into chaos and anarchy followed in its footsteps.

The promise of the new rainbow nation lay in tatters. The black masses have become restless and disillusioned. The majority of black South Africans have not seen any positive change. Despite all these draconian and socialist strategies, very little has changed for the average person. 

This has resulted in political disillusion. The EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters), a communist political party was formed and has been at the forefront of voicing the dissatisfaction of the masses. In a short time, this party and its leader have escalated the rhetoric to fever pitch and their message has become more and more extreme and violent.

The ANC is the revolutionary party and in the eyes of the masses can do no wrong. It is the party of Nelson Mandela after all. The anger and discontent turned on white people and in particular the Afrikaner. The Afrikaner is the scape goat. The perpetrator of colonisation and the creator of apartheid. The Afrikaner is the enemy of the people.

It doesn’t then require a rocket scientist to see the connection between the vilifying of Afrikaners and white people, and the violent crimes committed against white farmers. 

The systemic dehumanisation of white people in South Africa is undoubtedly the precursor to a much more sinister targeting of whites and in particular, Afrikaners. There is no doubt that this dehumanisation is happening daily and being purposefully driven as a political strategy but the EFF. 

Somehow, the radical EFF and their supporters feel that by bringing white people down, it somehow relieves them of their own inferiority complex. Julius Malema, the leader of the EFF has said that they will “cut the throat of whiteness”. I don’t interpret that literally, but see it as an attempt to destroy, what they see as white privilege. Unfortunately, many don’t see it that way and this has probably resulted in an increase in hatred toward whites, with the increase in violence and targeting of white people being the unfortunate consequence. 

His more notorious outbursts and singing “kill the Boer, kill the farmer”, is a much more direct attack on Afrikaners. 

You would be completely delusional to not acknowledge that one of the most prominent political leaders singing such a song, will not result in an increase in violence toward Afrikaners. At the very least, signing such a song will increase racial tension and contribute to the dehumanising of Afrikaners.

Undoubtedly, there are correlations between what is happening in South Africa and what happened in Germany prior to the rise of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi).

What is not helping, is a complete denial by the South African government that this is happening. In addition, the so-called white apologists are refuting that there is anything untoward happening. 

They are so consumed by their own white guilt that they can’t see the wood for the trees. 

This race hatred combined with discriminatory laws has resulted in a new form of Afrikaner nationalism being born. Born out of a need to protect Afrikaner identity and a need for self-determination. The memory of the British occupation is still fresh in the memories of Afrikaners. The sacrifices our ancestors made to trek for thousands of kilometres in ox wagons to find a new home is still etched in our genes. 

Afrikaners are not black people. Afrikaans speaking Coloured people do not identify as black people either. 

Afrikaners have a very European heritage and from a cultural point of view it would be absolutely silly to think that somehow, by mixing these cultures, some new and unique South African culture will be created. Despite the exceptions where Afrikaners have integrated effectively, that will not be a common experience. The differences are too vast.

And I am fine with that. It is guaranteed in our constitution. The right to self-determination and the right to association are all enshrined in our constitution. It would be undemocratic to deny any group or culture that right. 

You don’t have to like Afrikaners, but they have the right to determine their own future, within the confines of the constitution. Many people criticise the Afrikaners purely because they don’t have any effective organisation looking after their interests as a cultural group. We have Afriforum and they are already embedded in our history and will play a significant part in our future.

Those that condemn Afriforum, don’t want to acknowledge the rights enshrined in our constitution. They have no cultural identity, floating between being European and African, uprooted and culturally disconnected. Trying their best to fit in and thinking that by demonising the Afrikaner further, they will be more acceptable Africans. They despise the fact that Afrikaners have a rich and unique heritage – something they don’t have. Afrikaners such at Johan Pienaar, perpetually apologising for being an Afrikaner is pathetic. The same Johan Pienaar created the Twitter hashtag #BoersAreTrash, further vilifying Afrikaners. What these people don’t realise is that they are complicit in the violence perpetrated against Afrikaners and farmers. They are complicit in inciting violence and history will  judge them.

Every right thinking South African should stand up against these self-absorbed attention seekers, white or black.

There may not be a genocide of white people in South Africa yet, but all the signs are pointing at a very dangerous trajectory towards genocide. The world must keep a close watch and not make the same mistakes it did prior to WWII or Rwanda. South Africans must not ignore these signs because this country will descend into a civil war when that happens. There are many people, on the left and the right wishing for such a war. 

The only way forward is to acknowledge the truth. Afrikaners are not Africans. We arrived here during the time of conquest and colonisation, centuries ago. We are here now. Millions of us.

Black people also arrived here from central Africa. Through conquest and colonisation, they settled in Southern Africa. Many millions of people were killed during these conquests. 

Black people claiming that Africa belongs to blacks only are delusional. That would be the equivalent of saying that the entire Europe belongs to the Germans, because they were there first.

Every single nation on this planet has bad history. Every single nation has good history. We are very diverse in this country. We have followed different paths to get where we are today. All those paths are covered in blood and bodies. There is not one nation that can claim that they have not committed atrocities in the name of conquest. Not one.

Today, history is used as a weapon to beat each other over the head. Afrikaners are constantly vilified and blamed for Jan van Riebeeck arriving at the shores of Cape Town in 1652. Can you see how ridiculous that is? 

Afrikaners are blamed for trying to protect its own identity and heritage and that was the actual reason behind apartheid. With our moral high ground today, it would be easy to make the architects of apartheid out as evil, but that is also non sensical. It would then be fair to say that almost every single leader in the history of the world was evil. Because they all participated in behaviour that would today be classified as evil. From slavery to religious persecution to name a few. And yes, black people also had slaves.

Our focus should be to identify evil that is happening now. Forget the justifications and history. How we got here and what our ancestors did has no bearing on what is happening today. Yes, it’s used as an excuse, but that is wrong. 

If a minority is being persecuted, that is wrong. If a religious community is being persecuted, then that is wrong. Any form of discrimination is wrong. We are not the same and we don’t have to be the same. I have no desire to be black and black people have no desire to be white. 

I am an Afrikaner and I am proud of it. You don’t have to like us, and we are ok with that. Leave us alone to look after ourselves, celebrate our culture and language. Don’t discriminate against us. Don’t threaten our families or our property. We are not going anywhere. This country belongs to all of us, whether you like it or not. 

We can live in peace and harmony, but we first must call out those that sow hatred. Black or white. 

Marthinus Strydom

Marthinus is a venture capitalist and private equity investor.


  1. As an American with Afrikaaner friends here in the states, and a realistic grasp of history. The problem is the White South Africans who thought the New Government was a good idea. It appears so many of you ignored the history of “Uncle” Joe Slovo, his Communist influence on Mandela, AND the fact that Mandela, until his dying day STILL believed in violence against White South Africans. His public proclamations said differently, but there is plenty of documentation when he was among his people that he was still an advocate of violent overthrow. He had learned to play the media. Most of you know, much better than I about the violent reception your ancestors got when they THOUGHT they had made African friends after their arrival. You have just never come to accept that TRIBAL culture CANNOT exist side by side with Civilization, which by definition means laying aside tribal loyalties and animosities. The Africans should never have been let in wholesale in the first place. The process for admittance… well, too late for that now. NOW you have a choice. In the USA we refer to the 3 percent who fought the British here. We are III%’ers still. only not it has to do with the Islamic invasion and the Communists who have gained too much of a foothold here. YOUR III%’ers need to rise up and take your land back. I pray that the Afrikaaners can regain THEIR homeland by doing what it takes.

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