Racist innuendo and the Ashwin Willemse saga

Aswin Willemse

Everything in this country is about race. This was highlighted once again with the Ashwin Willemse incident, when he walked off the Supersport TV show.

I find it amazing that 4.5m white people out of a population of 56m are constantly accused of of being either racist or subtle racists.

This, when the vast majority of the population never interact with white people. In fact the majority don’t speak to a white person for weeks or months, but according to so-called social commentators, they are experiencing racism and innuendo daily.

The reality is, if you speak to the average person, they live in absolute harmony with all races. This race issue is used as a means to create sensationalism which results in increased ad revenue. Race has become the way to make money for a dying media industry.

Then something like the Ashwin Willemse incident happens and it is like they won the lottery.

Every newspaper and clickbait website has opinion pieces and every social media commentator (read troll), jumps on the bandwagon to generate more controversy so that they can generate more clicks.

The accusation being that people of colour experience racial slurs, innuendo and racism daily and that Ashwin had enough , lost his cool and walked off the set.

And we fall for it. We read the crap and we believe the crap.

Ashwin was unprofessional in how he reacted to the perceived innuendo. All he showed the world was his inherent inferiority complex.

Apartheid is long gone. He is 36 years old. He grew up in relative poverty and has come a very long way.

His achievements to become a Springbok rugby player is incredible and he is a role model to many people. But in his early years he lost his way and became involved in drugs and gangs.

He says “But it’s because of where I am today that I can reflect and it was a very selfish way of living. I was occupied with my needs and my desires and I was not considering anyone else’s feelings but my own.”

Ashwin is a role model and should not act like an impetuous child. He has the mental fortitude and tenacity to become a Springbok rugby player, against all odds, but he can’t deal with so-called “innuendo”?


This whole race thing is not what Ashwin claims. He never mentioned race or racism. It is a narrative devised by attention seeking journalists and every libtard snowflake out there.

“Ag shame! Arme Aswin. Those white people MUST have said something racist!”

Because all whites are racists, right?

Marthinus Strydom

Marthinus is a venture capitalist and private equity investor.

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