Meet the bottom feeders of the marketing industry

It’s Saturday morning and my mobile phone rings. And this is what I hear.

This is the new scourge in direct marketing called AVM or “automated voice messaging”.  Your phone rings, you answer, and instead of real, live person talking-to you, you hear a recorded message.

It must be the most intrusive, irritating and annoying thing any company can do to consumers. The companies that promote and sell these services are the true Bottom Feeders of the marketing industry.

Veritable scum that feeds of the money from their equally trashy customers.

These include banks, insurance companies and a host of debt management businesses. 

They  never identify themselves in their messages and you cannot phone them back because somehow the number that called you does not exist. How does that work? They call you from a number but when you call back then that number does not exist. You have no way of identifying the trash company that called you. Not unless you go through the process of pressing one or whatever so that you can go through the charade of faking interest in their services. 

The argument that you can “opt-out” is a bullshit argument. Why? Because it doesn’t work. They just keep on spamming you. In any event, why must I opt out of something I never asked for in the first place? Why must I deal with your spam phone call?

Who is going to compensate  me for the time I spend opting out? Yes, over a lifetime, that’s a hell of a lot of time I could have been spending on the beach.

So, no. opting out is just a pathetic attempt to find a soft landing for your morally corrupt activities. We should NOT receive these calls unless we ASKED for it. We have to opt-in first before we opt-out. Unfortunately we have no recourse except to start naming and shaming the bottom feeding trash that sell these services to the other trash.

Many of these companies belong to the South African Association of Spammers. You call them the Marketing Association of South Africa . The are basically a conglomeration of a collection of bottom feeding shit. They protect these bottom feeders and do nothing to protect consumers or their privacy.

So let me introduce you to some of the scum that is responsible for the majority of AVM calls we have to endure.

Meet Candice Goodman, the queen bottom feeder. She even won the award as the greatest spammer in South Africa.

Candice Goodman – Queen Bottom Feeder

Candice Goodman, managing director of Mobitainment et al and recipient of the Assegai Award for Direct Marketer of the Year and SME of the Year, says, it converts well from a radio ad, and that can add significant value. It is also a useful method in a multi-language environment like South Africa. Plus, transferring a customer to a call centre is a simple process.

Dear Candice. How do you sleep at night? How do you justify having a computer and voice recording call thousands of people with your banal sales pitches, on weekends and public holidays? How do you justify this intrusion of privacy? Can you not see that what you are doing is morally corrupt?

You are the greatest bottom feeder in the marketing industry. Basically a direct marketing prostitute. 

Some of the other scumbags that sell AVM services.



And their clients:

It is time that the marketing industry rids itself of these bottom feeders. It is time that the MASA cleans up its act and starts acting in the interest of the industry AND the consumers. The CPA is woefully incapable of dealing with this continuous abuse and invasion of privacy. It’s time we took the trash out.

It’s time we named and shamed these people. 

Marthinus Strydom

Marthinus is a venture capitalist and private equity investor.

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