Marthinus is a venture capitalist and private equity investor.  He is regarded as an e-commerce pioneer that created the first e-commerce business in South Africa.

As an entrepreneur he has created a few dozen companies focusing on innovation and disrupting established industries. He was the first person to use desktop publishing to design newspapers and the first to use the internet to sell cars.

Prior to creating his venture capital fund Marthinus was Chief Information Officer and Marketing Director of the McCarthy Group. Marthinus was voted as one of the top 10 most influential IT professionals in SA and has also received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial ventures and professional speaking and coaching. In 2011 Eliance, one of his tech businesses won the Deloitte Best Company To Work For Award.

He always impressed me with his formidable intellect, passion and creativity. Marthinus epitomizes energy, enthusiasm and a “can do” attitude. He boasts a lot of  entrepreneurial flair and thinks unconventionally. Most importantly, he gets things done and is an achiever.

In my opinion Marthinus is a thought leader when it comes to the new economy. He understands the power of information technology and the Internet and was one of the pioneers of e-commerce in South Africa. Digital marketing and customer relationship management are his other areas of  expertise. His grasp of the impact of social media on business is impressive. His ability to utilize these new technologies and media to the benefit of both shareholders and customers, sets him apart.

As a leader he inspires trust, respect and confidence. He leads by example and thereby earns the commitment and loyalty of his team.

Brand Pretorius

Professional Speaking

Marthinus has presented to local and international audiences on the following topics

  • Getting things done (30 min or 1 hour)
  • Building a successful business (1 hour)
  • Digital marketing strategies (1 hour)
  • Social Media – How to use it effectively in your business (1 hour)
  • Becoming truly customer centric (30 min)
  • The modern CIO – adding real value (1 hour)
  • Your customer database – how to use it effectively (1 hour)

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